About Shofar International Foundation: Kent & Christie Glesener
Kent & Christie Glesener
Shofar International Foundation was established in 1996 by Kent and Christie Glesener. Asking God what was His plan and how can they could possibly fit in it, is when God's love and plan for Israel was revealed. Given the scripture, Isaiah 58:12:

“Those from among you will rebuild the ancient ruins; 
  You will raise up the age-old foundations; 
 And you will be called the repairer of the breach, 
 The restorer of the streets in which to dwell."

They believe they have heard God's Call to Sound the Shofar, to share God's love and support for Israel.  They educate, prepare, train, and give opportunities to repair the Breach of our Hebrew biblical foundation through soup kitchens, medical with humanitarian aid, educational confernances, publications, dramatic arts, and TV programs to the Middle East, Europe, plus United States.

Kent Glesener, P.E.
Kent, helped establish Shofar International Foundation two years after visiting Israel, where he had a deep encounter with God.  A Professional Civil Engineer and President of Paradigm Construction & Engineering, Inc., a bridge & structure company,  is excellent in "counting the cost", adding wisdom and insight to each endeavor! He overseas all operations we enter into, helping them to be debt free and spiritually strong!

Christie Glesener,
Christie, an ordained minister, speaker, teacher, author, and accountant, is the Director of Operations at the Shofar International Foundation. Her combination of vision, passion of the word, speaking plus teaching abilities through dramas, help bring to life our Judeo-Christian roots in an interactive  way.  Many testify they have experience the Lord' love in an intimate and personal way.

Personal Attention to Each Person
God is a God of the individual.  Shofar  endeavors to help each person by giving one-on-one attention and prayer to help them through the process of  overcoming issues, fulfilling their needs, and regaining strength.  Ultimately, our goal is to create high quality avenues which provide assistance, food, medical and biblical education to help  equip them to live a highly productive lives, healthily and strong.   

Partner Participation
We invite our Shofar family partners to participate, pray and provide input during the process of helping others. We never forget that our calling is to make each person's dream and call a reality, both spiritually and physically.


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