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A Word of the Lord for February 2015

by Christie Glesener on 01/21/18

         A Door has shut this year on everything you know about God and His Spirit from years pass.  Never look back (as Lot's wife did).  (Put your hand to the plow) ( I ASKED IF HE MEANT JEWISH YEAR OR CALENDAR YEAR.  HE SAID CALENDAR YEAR)

 This door has been shut at the beginning of this year. (I saw a huge door that was steel about one foot thick and it made a loud shutting noise.) NO MAN CAN OPEN IT!     It had dead bolt locks.

A NEW DOOR is opened in front of us.  It is a huge door made of wood in panels.  It opened to the right (hinges were on the right and opened out)  This DOOR you MUST enter through as a child!   A CHILD eager to learn from God, to spend time with Him, to run to Him as a child with great Love and quick to repent. For GOD IS ABOUT TO MOVE IN UNUSAL WAYS.   He is going to MANEFEST HIMSELF with and through those who will enter this NEW WAY as a child.  It will be MOST REWARDING AND FULFILLING time with GOD. IT IS TO BECOME ONE WITH GOD!  Know GOD wants to disclose HIMSELF, HIS WAYS, HIS DESIRE FOR MANKIND in the earth.  He has chosen THOSE WHO LISTEN AND OBEY to send us all to places we never thought of, to deliver gifts and rewards to those who have cried out to Him, to set into motion His plan for cities and nations.  He is visiting cities with His Love.  He has stored up treasures for this HOUR.  ONES THAT NO MAN HAS EVER EVEN THOUGHT OF!

I THEN SAW MYSELF AT A TRAIN STATION THAT HAD WOOD FLOORING PLATFORM ALL THE WAY DOWN ON THE LEFT OF THE TRAIN TRACK. Many people were standing outside on the wood platform talking to each other laughing, hugging, and in deep conversations.  The train pulled in like a silver bullet in the front- IT WAS SILVER AND ROUNDED, but the back was like a trolley, OPEN TO ENTER.   The Lord spoke to both Kent and I to go through the crowd and tell THE people to get onto the train.   As we went through the people we KNEW all were Believers in the Lord.  Many, as we told them, pick up luggage (like briefcases) and immediately got on.  Others said wait a minute to finish their conversations.  Others were upset we were even interrupting them, gave us angry looks and went back to their conversations.  We KNEW others were told to GO THROUGH THE PEOPLE to TELL THEM TO get on the train, but never saw those people IN THE VISION. It was just a knowing!  As we were finishing coming up to the back of the train, God said it was time for Kent and I to get on the train.  Kent stepped on the train, helping me to step on with his hand together.   After getting on, we turned around and looked back at the platform and it was full of people. We were SHOCKED!  We shouted and yelled telling them to get on, for the Train was going to leave.   I thought most would run and jump on when the train began to move, but only those whose feet where in the air stepping on - made it, when the train took off. 

The train took out like a shot at full speed.   No one was able to make it on by running or trying to catch up.  All those people were left behind.   I asked the Lord what did this mean?  Were these people not making Heaven or was this like the rapture.  He said NO -neither one!  They would make heaven and that another train was coming,  I think there was more than one train more but did not get any number from the Lord.  What He said was that ALL were invited to the FIRST TRAIN! 

THE FIRST TRAIN, He was going to show HIS GLORY, He was going to MANEFEST HIMSELF TO THESE PEOPLE.  They would witness great times AND EXPLOITS with GOD that NO OTHER GENERATION SINCE BEGINNING OF TIME have ever experienced or witnessed.  This train, money would never be a problem, in fact the people would not even think about it.  They would be so busy keeping up with GOD, that they would be in constant amazement of His direction and answers to issues He would bring.  GOD IS ABOUT TO FILL THE EARTH WITH HIS GLORY!  There are no words to describe this train other than in the days to come, every person will give PRAISE TO GOD TO BE APART OF HIS GLORY!  SUCH LOVE NO ONE HAS EXPERIENCED AND LIVED.  WE will LIVE in HIS LOVE!  THERE ARE NO WORDS TO DECRIBE THIS TRAIN!

The Lord said the second train was going to be a HARD TRAIN TO BE ON.  THIS TRAIN will know some sorrow and death, at times.  IT will encounter things that GOD had not planned for HIS PEOPLE.  YET they will make it on this train.  The Lord emphasized that this is a train the PEOPLE CHOSE, NOT HIM!   Yet HE will be with them. 

He wanted me to tell everyone to get on the FIRST TRAIN TODAY!  PREPARE, STUDY, PRAY, FOR GOD GLORY IS ALREADY STARTING TO COVER THE EARTH.  We must PREPARE TO RECEIVE HIS GLORY!  If one waits until REVIVAL moves across the LAND, IT WILL BE TOO LATE!  FOR REVIVAL WILL MOVE LIKE NO OTHER TIME IN HISTORY!  It will be different, unusual, glorious, UNEXPECTED, DREADFUL FEAR OF THE LORD - THAT IS GOOD, YET LIKE LIGHTENING but deadly at the same time. IT will visit some places and not other places.  IT WILL MOVE LIKE A FIRE,  WILL ASCEND LIKE SMOKE, YET WILL RAIN ON ONE HOUSE AND NOT THE ONE NEXT DOOR. THE WORLD will witness it and become angry, yet helpless, stubborn, and not yield to GOD.  HIS GLORY WILL SAVE MANY, as the number of the Sea, YET WILL TRIGGER THE LAST DAY HATE OF HIS BODY.  I HEAR Jesus saying, Remember, they Hated me FIRST, so do not find it strange that they HATE YOU!

He also said we will begin to see this year (especially at the end) Shepherds and ministers being removed that have angered, mistreated, misjudged, gotten fat off the sheep, and do not have a heart for the sheep/people.  A time of REPENTANCE will be given to them, then swift judgment will come.  HE will REMOVE THEM, and replace them with many who have been hidden for this time.  MEN AND WOMEN, FULL OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, who will lay down their life for the sheep.  Ones who will LOVE AND TEND TO THE SHEEP, TO STRENGTHEN THEM FOR THE TIME TO COME. 


Personal Note:  We believe God is sending you and us out to train, heal,  and inspire the body of Christ to move in the Holy Spirit.  Men and women MUST know HOW to hear GOD'S VOICE! To KNOW how to lay hands on the sick, to restore sight to the blind (both spiritually and physically), to KNOW the POWER of GOD, THE ONLY ONE who can save us and deliver us in times of trouble. 

 Now is the time for the body to move in the Holy Spirit in a safe environment in the church.  To have their Words and Acts of the Lord confirmed or corrected by the scriptures and other believers.  It is a hard thing to learn to Hear God's Voice in the midst of trouble, as mistakes often costs lives.  We are to prepare ourselves by the Holy Spirit, through prayer, study, ministering and giving out what God gives us so we can be ready to move in HIS GLORY.  One must PREPARE HIS WAY through Baptism of REPENTANCE, removing the garment of sin that entangles us from running with the Lord.  Much like John the Baptist, Prepare the Way of the Lord in yourself, your home, city, church and country through Holiness and prayer.  It is through REPENTANCE, that times of REFRESHING by the Holy Spirit will come to the body, and we can enter HIS REST, while the World is disturbed.  Soon His Glory will Fill the earth!  

Blessings, Christie Glesener