Shofar International Foundation - Teachings about the Land of Israel
40 Verified Historical Facts about Israel.

The History of the beginning of Israel, the Hebrews and many biblical lessons learned along the way..... 
How to Prepare for the GREAT PASSOVER!

God's command to Remove Leaven from our Lives and Homes.
Seven (7) Types of Leaven taught by Jesus and Paul.  
The Day of the Lord - will it come to you as a thief in the Night 
or In the Day Light?

The Day Jesus Died 
Jesus Fulfilled 24 Prophesies in 24 Hours - ONE DAY!

465 Prophesies in the Bible about the Messiah!
Jesus fulfilled 365 Prophesies leaving 70 for the 70th Week of Daniel - 
Feast of Trumpets/Rosh HaShanah
Beginning the Season of Repentance

Blowing of Shofar Calls to Enter God's Rest!
 Understanding the Signs of the Times!
Beginning of the Ten (10) Days of Awe - A Time of 
Repentance and Restoration
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Feast of FirstFruits to Feast of Pentecost
Counting of the Omer!

For What Purpose did God set me Free?  
Is there Life after Death and a Heaven?
What does God’s Seasons and Time Periods mean? 
What is a Wave Offering?
God’s promise and guarantee to us about resurrection and harvest!
Is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit optional?
These questions are answered in the study of these feasts!
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Sunset Monday, April 10 to Sundown Tuesday, April 18, 2017
Sunset Wednesday, September 2 to Sunset Friday, September 22, 2017
April 11, 2017 to Pentecost May 29, 2017
    Feast of Purim 
The Day of Deliverance from Extinction
Saturday, Sunset March 11 to Sunset March 12, 2017

A Plot to Kill and Exterminate the Jews, Sound Familiar?
 Understanding Fasting for Warfare.  
Standing up for God can Deliever a Nation!